HPS Management Acquires Right Property Management

HPS Management, Equity Cap, and Right Property Management jointly announce the acquisition of Right Property Management by HPS Management effective immediately. The terms of agreement will merge Right Property’s managed Homeowner’s Associations (HOAs) and Condominium Associations, commonly referred to in Delaware as Common Interest Ownership communities, with the communities currently managed by HPS Management, while Equity Cap will continue with the management of their multi-family communities.

Right Property’s President Linda Smith said, “HPS is a natural fit for our communities. Their core values and philosophy align beautifully with Equity Cap’s core values, and with their innovative technology and streamlined processing, along with their expertise and knowledge in successful community management, I am confident that they will take the communities to a new level of property management.”

HPS President and founder J.D. Russell said, “We are excited to welcome the Right Property managed communities and staff to the HPS family. At HPS, we firmly believe and stand behind out motto that ‘Our Mission is Your Success.’ We look forward to partnering with the Right Property communities and supporting them to further the success of each community. In partnering with HPS, these communities will be working with a dedicated team of highly skilled, educated, and fully-equipped professionals focused on protecting property values while maintaining a high quality of community living. HPS is fortunate to have Equity Cap’s assistance through the transition process to make the enhancement of services as seamless as possible.”